Amorphophallus ankarana Hett., Bogner &Ittenb.


The pictures below are of the same plant. The tuber has been planted in January 1996, broke the soil surface in early April, and, as of the beginning of August, is still green and does not show signs of dormancy. It finally keeled over in October.

Despite being planted in fairly acidic soil, it did quite OK, and the tuber increased about three times in diameter. In 1997, it has been planted in neutral Ph, hopefully resembling the condition it is used to in its native Madagascar, where it grows in humus pockets on limestone. More notes will be forthcoming. As of mid-March, it broke dormancy, but remains subterranean.

Spider mites and aphids do not seem to like this species at all.

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The leaf has not quite unfolded yet, but note the strikinkgly beautiful stem.

Above, a closeup of the stem pattern.

After 4 months of growing, the plant is about 1 foot tall, and about 13 inches wide.
To the left, top view of the leaf. It is actually slightly darker green than the photo shows.It has a somewhat leathery texture.

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