Amorphophallus albispathus Hett.


Origin of the plant in the photos: Wilbert Hetterscheid's collection, ID# H.AM. 019

The leaves of this species from south central Thailand are not that unusual: just a couple of sparse leaflets. I'll scan the photos once I find them. The tubers are much more interesting.

Spider mites and aphids do not seem to be that interested in sucking on this species.

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This is a tuber of A.albispathus which has been grown in a rather shallow pot. As the result, the two bottom branches have developed 'feet' on which it stands now.

This photograph is also available in larger size (23.2 kB).

In mid-July 1997, three inflorescences began to emerge. The results deserved a dedicated page.
At the end of August, the pot is overflowing with leaves. All these were produced by three tubers, sharing a 5-gallon pot.
A closer look at the profusion of stems.

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