Alocasia odora


Origin of the plant in the photos: I acquired this one from Powell's Gardens.

This plant has been sold to me as A. macrorrhiza (properly: A. macrorrhizos) which is readily available in a number of mailorder nurseries, but it has slightly peltate leaves, which A. macrorrhizos does not have.

The identity of the plant has been corrected by Dr. Alistair Hay.

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This is a big one... the leaf shown here is 48 by 36 inches. Luckily, it is hardy outside in zone 7, so when I lived in North Carolina, I did not have to lug it back into the house.

The trick to get it so big is to overwinter indoors a small (i.e., no taller than 4-5ft) offset without going dormant, and plant it out in late April.

It is the one with vertically held leaves - the other one is Xanthosoma saggitifolia. They both grow in 25-gallon pots, about 20 inches in diameter. The small leaves at the bottom belong to Remusatia vivipara and are only 2 feet in length...
Same plants, different point of view...

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All photos Copyright © 1995 Krzysztof Kozminski

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